Each Challenge provides you with the most effective workouts to achieve your health and fitness goals. At the gym, or home with minimal equipment, we got you!

The Strong Curves Challenge Series is made up of five, 6 weeks training phases. Each phase has different training and performance goals, such as endurance or muscle building and shaping. The phases build and progress on each other for the ultimate goal of building strong, functional curves and most importantly in a way that encourages being the best healthy, version of you! 

Not only do we strengthen and build the booty (which helps to reduce knee pains) and shape your waistline (to improve posture), we also lay a foundation for you to be able to explore other physical activities that you enjoy for life-longenjoyable physical fitness & health. 

Home or Gym:

Workout Anywhere

I've designed my programs to be enjoyable, sustainable, and challenging wherever you train. My passion with the Strong Curves program grew from coaching and observing my clients create, with the help of my tailored program, a healthiest and more confident version of themselves that also felt great! Exercise science bridged with your goals and need, in a comprehensive program that contours beautiful fit and functioning muscles. 

Physical & Mental Health

Progress Tracking


Support + Accountability


Equipment Needed

- Long loop resistance bands

- Mini resistance bands

- door anchor (heavy door & space use bands)

- furniture sliders or / workout gliders

- at least 1 pair of dumbbells is suggested but not required

- Long loop resistance bands

- Mini resistance bands

- Light to heavy set of Dumbbells  or Kettlebells

- Barbell or weighted straight bars



Frequently asked questions

I'm have a really busy schedule. How can I fit the Challenge workouts in?

You have total flexibility to fit my workouts in either at the gym or at home. All of the workouts are easily modifiable to your schedule. We do recommended setting aside 1 hour to do the workouts, however life happens and that isn't feasible sometimes. You can simply do 1-2 rounds or sets of the workout to shorten it, or split the workout in 2 parts and complete at different times of the day. Both have worked for me and my clients. We are more than willing to help you adjust so you don't have to miss workouts.

I've lost interest in other programs. What makes yours different?

During my Master's thesis research, studies show that prescribed programs increase adherence and consistency to workouts over long periods of time. You will see that the workouts progress weekly, challenging you so that your progress doesn't plateau. User experience was a huge deal for how we delievered your daily workouts to make it simple for you to follow along, log your performance, and ask any questions about workouts. All of this was carefully thought about to help you stay interested and motivated, by allowing you to focus on getting an effective workout in for results so you can live your best life!

What does your program include?

Each phase includes 5 workouts a week and 1 day a week of active rest option/client choice day. The workouts are uploaded to the True Coach platform, in which you can access on the computer, tablet, or phone. At the moment, only iOS users can download the True Coach app. Each exercise includes a video demonstration. The program includes bonus stretching, nutrition, and form guides. Challenge participants also receive access to the private, ladies only Facebook page, where I share live Q&A sessions, workouts, and more!

How long are the workouts?

The workouts range, but typically last between 20-70 minutes. You can modify workouts for time.

Is there an app for the Challenge?

Right now, we have an app for iPhones only. If you are an Android user, don't worry, the website functions the same way.

How do I access the workouts?

After registering and joining one of the phases in the Challenge, you will get a link to your email (check Junk mail, before contacting if you don't receive an email from True Coach). This link will allow you access to the True Coach training platform. My workouts and nutrition macro coaching can be accessed there.

How does the Challenge and exercise program work?

Each week there are 5 new workouts. The exact format changes depending on the phase, but a typical week might include 1 upper body focused day, 2 lower body workouts (one of those glute focused, and 2 full body circuits! My program is about building a healthy lifestyle, quality training with the physical health prioitized, and making exercise a habit. You won't ever hit a plateau with my program if you are following and challenging yourself. That's why I created Phases, so that you are able to continue to improve performance and get the body that will make YOU FEEL SEXY!

Am I too young/old?

NOT AT ALL! That's the beauty of quality fitness training programs. Fitness is for every age! My program can be scaled up or down to suit your level. However, if you are concerned, please speak to your doctor before starting.

Next Challenge Starts September 9, 2020

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