Squats and Your Quality of Life

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

TThinking about the past month of October and the social media made popular #Squatober, I wanted to talk a little bit more about why regular squatting is important. Spicer Fitness training programs includes variations of squats and we work on form consistently because it is a movement that we do and need for everyday life.

Squats are a fundamental movement pattern, along with:

  • lunge

  • push

  • pull

  • hip hinge / bend

  • twist

  • gait / loaded carry

We train fundamental movements that are used in daily life by including them in your regular exercise program so your body can learn the pattern to do the movement efficiently.

Our brain is great at learning repetitive movements. In the controlled environment of the gym, we maintain, develop, progress in weights, and master certain movements to reduce the risk of injury and improve quality of of life thru physical health.

When you go about your day, you don't think about moving. Whenever you need to do something you just move and do it. Your brain recalls patterns that you train, and will modify it based on the environment. For example, we practice squats in the gym. Your body will modify this to sitting down, picking something up from the floor, standing up from a chair quickly, etc.

The better my squats have become in the gym, the better I move in life. I do a lot of squatting in pole dancing class. If you want to twerk you have to squat! 😜

I trained my body to squat pain-free in the gym, so I don't experience pain outside of it.

A few ways that we squat in & through life

The squat is sometimes called the king of lower body movements because of the way the knees, hips, and ankles have to bend while keeping a stable spine. It's an essential way of movement that is a foundation to other movements in and out of the gym.

There are so many variations of squats and it's important we practice a variety. And within those varieties understand the form best suited for our body. We each have unique hip and pelvis structures so we squat differently too. Enjoy squats and get great at your variation of squats. They are a simple yet complex exercises that we need to include regularly in our workouts.


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