We want to help people understand the importance of physical activity and exercise.   To understand that exercise isn’t just about trying to achieve a certain body type.  That fitness and physical healthy doesn’t have a size or a look.  We want our clients to feel confident in their bodies so I aim to combine their physique goals with their needs.   I want to help them increase their quality of life by giving them a fitness program and educating them on how exercise can help them do things in daily life better. Exercise can decrease risk of injuries, pain, and chronic diseases.  I love to help my clients see how exercise can help them look and feel their best and how it is a journey that they can continually grow, learn, and develop themselves with commitment of loving themselves.  

Bianca Spicer, Owner, Exercise Physiologist 

M.S. Exercise Physiology, Georgia State University

B.S. Health Promotion, University of Georgia

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